1966 Chevy Chevelle Super Sport

This customer had issues with the gas petal sticking.  Upon further inspection, the vehicle was found to have a Power Steering leak, Header Gasket leak, and a faulty Alternator wire.

1969 Chevy Camaro Super Sport

Customer brought the car in for an oil change and a few other minor issues. After a discussion with Dave, customer brought car back to get more power.  Upgraded the torque converter to give the car more power.

1986 Chevy El Camino

Customer was having a hard time starting this car and when it would start, it was running rough.  We replaced vacuum hoses because they were old and cracked causing leaks.  We also found that the emission sensors needed replacing.

1992 Chevy Camaro

This car was brought in because the door was rubbing on the fender scratching the paint.  We found at the fender was loose and needed to be shimmed up.

1972 Ford F-150

Customer wanted Digital gauges installed and wired in.

1976 Triumph TR6

Car needed new seat belts.  We tore down the mechanisms to replace the belts but kept the original hardware.

1971 Chevy Nova

Car has come in for overheating issue. Turns out the motor did not have the proper fan set up to cool the engine efficiently.  We removed the old set up and replaced it with the correct set up.

1965 Mustang Fastback

This car came in for some small repairs.  We started with new Fuel Lines and Rear Main Brake lines. We also installed a new Fuel Sending Unit and Fuel Filter.

This motor has 3 two barrel carbs that needed some fine tuning.

1935 Plymouth

This, all original, classic needed new rear end axles. 

1939 Buick Century

Another all original classic that had been sitting for a few years so we are looking it over and putting a new master cylinder and brakes on it.

1956 Ford Fairlane

This car was brought to use because the brakes were locking up. Come to find out the the booster attached to the master cylinder was not correct for this year. We switched the car back to manual brakes.

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