From new brakes, to new springs and shocks, to more involved repairs like a new Radiator for the best classic car repair.

We can even change out that old oil.

Engine Upgrades

Improve horsepower and torque. Add Performance upgrades such as a Cold Air Intake, Super Charger or Turbo, swap out the Camshaft, and more.

Engine Tune-Up

Adjustment of the carburetor idle speed and the air-fuel mixture. Inspection and possible replacement of ignition system components like spark plugs, contact breaker points, distributor cap and distributor rotor, including replacement of Air filter or other filters if needed.

Engine Swap

Want to add a few more horses? This could include
swapping out the transmission, coolant system modifications, rewiring of the engine, and more.

We can modernize your classic car, muscle car, etc. with a Ford Coyote 5.0 liter, GM LS, Chrysler Hemi, etc.

We can also keep your vehicle classic by changing your 6 cyl. out for a V8 or how about a Small Block for a Big Block, etc.

Carburetor Systems

We can Swap out or adjust 2 barrel, 4 barrel or multiple carbs set-ups. We make sure your fuel and air mixture is not running too rich or too lean. Manufactures like Holley,Edelbrock, Carter, etc.

Fuel-Injection System

Convert your Carburetor to a Fuel-Injection system.


We inspect all areas of your transmission. We can swap out for a new or rebuilt transmission. Swap out that old transmission for a Muncie or a T-10 or a Tremec. Swap out a 3 on the tree for a 4 speed.  Don’t like Automatic, we can swap that out too. Automatic Over-Drive Conversions as well.


Rebuild or swap for a Ford 9″ or a Dana-60, etc. Now that is some good classic car repair!

Electrical Problems

From simple wiring to a complete rewiring. This includes but is not limited to stereo wiring, dash wiring, headlights, tail lights, plug wires, etc.  We take the time to route the wiring so it is either not seen or does not look like a rats nest.

Exhaust Systems

We can do completely replace your rusted out system or upgrade the system you do have from the headers to the tail pipes.  They can be stock or custom, Stainless or Aluminized.  Would you like it loud, or maybe you don’t want to hear the exhaust at all. Whatever you would like, we can do it.

Braking System

As simple as new pads or drums to a completely new braking system which includes but is not limited to new brake lines and Master Cylinder.  We can upgrade drum brakes to disc brakes.

Suspension System

Rebuild your stock suspension or upgrade your system for better handling. A complete new suspension could include but is not limited to new shocks and/or struts, coil overs, etc.

Air Conditioning System

Install some air conditioning to stay cool on those hot summer cruises. We can repair the system that you have or install a new one.  Don’t have any air, we can take care of that with a Vintage Air system or Hot Rod Air, etc.

Interiors & Upholstery

We can install new headliners, carpet, etc. Repaint the Dash. We can make custom seats covers and door panels or purchase the stock version for us to install.


We do Show Car Quality work and it’s done right the first time.

Full Restoration

Partial Restoration

Frame-off Restoration

Biscayne (501)

Full Restoration: Complete Bumper to Bumper, we bring your vehicle back to life.

     Stock Restoration: We can make it look like the day it came off the show room floor.

     Custom Building: From Pro-touring to complete One-off Custom Creation. Including simple body modifications like a Cowl Induction added to the Hood.

Partial Restoration: Bring your vehicle back to life a little at a time. Start with Firewall forward restoration which could include a repaint and detailing of the engine compartment. Rust repair to the body is another option.

Frame-off Restoration: your vehicle’s body is unbolted and completely removed from the chassis. This allows for ease when restoring the underside of the body and frame of your vehicle.


Let us help you make your dream vehicle a reality.

Driveability & Over-Heating

Driveability can be any issue in which you have a high or low idle, erratic idle, defective sensors, defective fuel pump, check engine light, etc. Anything that is causing your vehicle to run rough, making noises, etc. we can diagnose it and get your vehicle running smooth and steady. Over-Heating can be a number of different reasons from a bad or failing radiator, water pump, cracking or leaking hoses, a blockage in the system, or no water in the system, etc.

Vehicle Inspections & Appraisals

We conduct a very thorough inspection of vehicles from bumper to bumper. This includes but is not limited to the motor, transmission, wiring, exhaust, interior, etc. We will give you an honest evaluation of what needs to be fixed including any safety concerns.  Upon request, We will give a value on your vintage vehicle based on current condition and market values. We can help you find your next project car or truck. This includes helping you locate those hard to find parts. We can also give you recommendations for what you should get to make that dream a reality.  Once you have found your next project, we can check it out before you make that purchase to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

Vehicles We Service


Impala, Biscayne, Chevelle, Camaro, Nova, Monte Carlo, Corvair, Belair, etc.


Mustang, Falcon, Fairline, Rachero, Torino, Pinto, etc.


Challenger, Charger, Hemi Cuda, Road Runner, Cornet, Dart, etc.


Barracuda, Belvedere, Duster, etc.


CJ & DJ Series, Willys, Wagoneer, Commando, etc.


Gremlin, Hornet, Javelin, AMX, etc.


Catalina, Firebird, Bonneville, etc.


442, Cutlass, Toronado, etc.


Cougar, Comet, Cyclone, etc.


Avanti, Champion, Speedster, etc.

*Some foreign models and more.
*Pre-1980’s Classic Cars & Trucks, Muscle Cars, Street & Rat Rods, Customs & Pro-Touring.

*Post-1980’s to Mid-1990’s – Ford Foxbody/Mustangs, GM G-Body, 3rd & 4th Generation Camaro/Firebird.




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